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A Friendly 4th of July Reminder

All of us at Joffe Emergency Services wish you a Happy 4th of July! Remember to have fun and stay safe.

Leave fireworks to the professionals. Don’t set them off on your own. If a firework does explode and injure someone, the treatment is similar to a gunshot wound. Call 911 immediately. If you are in charge of a large event with fireworks, ensure that your event meets the fire code and keep crowds away from the fireworks area. Only allow professionals to set off fireworks.

Do not fire weapons into the air. Not only is this illegal, but bullets always land somewhere. They may injure or even kill people - including you.

Finally - do not drink and drive. Check locally for services that will tow your car or give you a lift for free if you’re feeling tipsy. 

If you have any questions about safety at your event, feel free to reach out. Happy Independence Day!

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