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Chris Joffe
October 09, 2020

Where Do We Look For Information On Covid-19?

What Is This About?

We're often asked about where we get the latest Covid-19 Information. Below, we're sharing with y'all a quick summary of some of the sources of information that we use, review, share, and work to understand. As you've heard us say countless times throughout this pandemic, it is fundamentally critical to your success that you pay most attention to your local Department of Public Health (DPH). They are the primary source of information that you should be subscribing to. That said, if you're looking to stay even more informed and try to make some relatively educated guesses about what might be coming down the pike, below are a handful of great resources that we turn to. 

Note: Believe it or not, in public health/public safety Twitter is a ridiculously powerful way to stay informed. Make a list of these people, if you like, and stay informed. 

General Guiding Info: 

Some Sources For Specific Bodies Of Work: 

Cleaning & Disinfecting: EPA Disinfectant Use
General: MIT Medical

A "Fun" Calculator: 

Where else do you get your information? Share with us on Social Media! 


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