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The Tripledemic: How to prepare and prevent infection in 2023

The term “tripledemic” recently became part of our vocabulary. Why? Because the winter of 2023 is anticipated to bring a triple threat to public...

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What to know about CDC’s new mask guidance

Last Friday, CDC issued new mask guidance that revises the criteria by which communities - including schools - should consider wearing masks. The...

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5 things we expect to see in 2022, and how to prepare for them

Wondering what the new year might bring? Here’s our best (educated) guess about what schools will face in 2022. It’s paired with our best advice for...

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Back to Basics - Essentials of School Safety in the 2021-22 School Year

A few months into the year, we’re battling an uptick in fights and weapons that’s causing a wave of fear and anxiety across campuses. At the same...

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Strategies To Handle Socializing For Children During the Pandemic

One of the challenges that parents have shared about the continued pandemic is the issue of how to maintain proper relationships and socialization...

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Impact of COVID 19 on Schools' Emergency Prep - Interview with Hope Kaye

We sat down this week with our Director of Emergency Management, Hope Kaye. Hope has been involved in emergency services for five years, having...

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Halloween: Trick-or-Treating Safety During COVID 19

Having reached a point in the year where many large holidays are quickly looming on the horizon, questions have begun to arise about the best...

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Where Do We Look For Information On Covid-19?

What Is This About?

We're often asked about where we get the latest Covid-19 Information. Below, we're sharing with y'all a quick summary of some of...

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