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Monkeypox: What to Know and How to Mitigate your Community’s Risk

Over the past few weeks, the monkeypox virus has been spreading quickly, prompting a recent wave of public health emergency declarations at the...

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What to know about CDC’s new mask guidance

Last Friday, CDC issued new mask guidance that revises the criteria by which communities - including schools - should consider wearing masks. The...

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At A Glance: Epi-Pens & Allergic Reactions

What are Allergic Reactions?

As defined by the Mayo Clinic, an allergy is “when your immune system reacts to a foreign substance...or a food that...

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Strategies To Handle Socializing For Children During the Pandemic

One of the challenges that parents have shared about the continued pandemic is the issue of how to maintain proper relationships and socialization...

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Halloween: Trick-or-Treating Safety During COVID 19

Having reached a point in the year where many large holidays are quickly looming on the horizon, questions have begun to arise about the best...

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AED Maintenance for Schools

Automatic external defibrillators, or AEDs, are one of the most essential tools that school communities have to keep their people safe. As a brief...

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How to Safely Clean Up after a Fire

When your home, school, office, or other space is impacted by a fire, the desire to rebuild is strong. The first step of restoration, cleaning up,...

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Correctly Caring for Campus Concussions

Perhaps the title of this blog post sacrificed some clarity for the sake of alliteration, so here's what it's about. One of the more common injuries...

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