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What we learned in St. Louis: Supporting another local campus through the CVPA high school shooting

Our team was recently on the ground in St. Louis, MO when a former student opened fire at a local high school — Central Visual and Performing Arts...

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Recovery is A Ruff Process: Therapy Dogs and the Aftermath of Emergency on Campus

We’ve written before about how recovering from emergencies can be a long, complicated process. The hard work of rebuilding a campus and/or a...

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Chris Joffe's Perspective on Reports Regarding Active Shooter Drills at Meadowlawn Elementary School In Indiana


As an expert in the field of school emergency preparedness, I must share the shame, disappointment, and frustration I felt after hearing how...

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Listening, Not Profiting

Over the past few years, a positive consensus seems to have developed. The core of that consensus is that we must find ways to protect our schools...

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Thinking About Threat Assessment

One of the most important elements to the Joffe approach to school safety is our belief that necessary safety improvements are more likely to stick...

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The National School Walkout

As students across the nation prepare to walk out of schools on March 14, we stand ready to receive their message.  Regardless of your school’s...

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