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What will it take to come back stronger and safer in 2022?

The calendar year is coming to a close, but we are far from the end of the road when it comes to student behavior challenges. While the winter break...

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At-A-Glance: Lockdowns

Lockdowns are scenarios in which campus is called to stop all movement on and off of campus because of a direct or nearby threat to staff and/or...

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Leadership Under Fire

Through the experience of supporting schools throughout the U.S. and now the world, Joffe has learned a thing or two about emergency management and...

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Elections: Preparing For The Unpredictable

In any given election year, October is a busy one. Election and candidate information dominate the news cycle. We are bombarded by positive and...

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Managing School Insurance Claims: What You Need To Know

Leading your school community through its recovery from an emergency or crisis is a long, long process. One of the challenges is navigating through...

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Tabletop Drills, Crisis Management, and School Safety Plans

Hey. We're proud of you. Take a moment to appreciate the hard work you've done on the path to emergency preparation and school safety. (If you know...

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