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Default Responses

1 min read

Emergency Notification Systems (ENS)

Emergency notification systems have been in widespread use since the early 1950s when CONELRAD was developed and put into place. This nationwide...

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Epi-Pens for Schools

2 min read

At A Glance: Epi-Pens & Allergic Reactions

What are Allergic Reactions? As defined by the Mayo Clinic, an allergy is “when your immune system reacts to a foreign substance...or a food that...

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2 min read

At-A-Glance: CPR Training

CPR is one of the most basic and essential first aid and emergency response skills to know. According to Felicia Gonsalez, our director for Get CPR...

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School Fire Drills

3 min read

At-A-Glance: Fire

The next topic of our At-A-Glance series is the next most direct and simple emergency to handle: a fire on campus.

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School Lockdown Drills

6 min read

Emergency Preparedness: Lockdowns At-A-Glance

Lockdowns are scenarios in which campus is called to stop all movement on and off of campus because of a direct or nearby threat to staff and/or...

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