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Risk Management, Prioritization, and Poetry (?)

Just as you expect from your community safety blog post, today starts with a poem from the American author Mary Oliver (Hey, it's Friday, right?). We...

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Correctly Caring for Campus Concussions

Perhaps the title of this blog post sacrificed some clarity for the sake of alliteration, so here's what it's about. One of the more common injuries...

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When (and How) To Help In An Emergency

We often talk about safety preparation at Joffe, and for good reason. Preparation allows for people to make confident, correct decisions in a...

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How To Build a Great Emergency Kit

Your school's supply shed is filled with all of the emergency supplies needed to keep campus functioning for up to 72 hours following a disaster or...

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Backwards Planning and School Safety

I stumbled upon a great article recently that got me thinking about school safety. Now, that may have been because I’m always thinking about school...

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