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Backwards Planning and School Safety

I stumbled upon a great article recently that got me thinking about school safety. Now, that may have been because I’m always thinking about school...

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Keeping Schools Safe Doesn't Have to Be Hard(ened)

A recent article in the National Business Officers Association’s (NBOA) NetAssets magazine (an excellent resource for independent schools around the...

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Learning Through Storytelling: After The School Shooting In Parkland, FL

To be completely honest with you, the reader, I was anxious when I was tasked with writing this post. The goal was to share my thoughts on a story...

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The National School Walkout

As students across the nation prepare to walk out of schools on March 14, we stand ready to receive their message.  Regardless of your school’s...

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School Security

Last month I was visiting my parents in Texas. My mother asked me if I could pick up my nephew from school and of course I was happy to oblige. I...

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